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- Advanced waterproofing technology and superior quality

OPPEIN is committed to affording every family functional, healthy, and comfortable home environment.  All of OPPEIN bathroom furniture products correspond with the European E1 standard waterproofing solid wood materials under strict inspection. Adopting the solid wood composite materials of lower adsorption expanding than kitchen cabinet’s, 8 layers water-proof treatment ,bathroom cabinets from OPPEIN can adapt to bathroom humid environment well as a result.

bathroom/3D-arc-door bathroom/water-proof-design bathroom/edge-banding

3D arc door panel materials which are imported from Germany and Japan will be processed to ensure that cabinets can be used for a long time in the wet space.

Reasonable water-proof design is very effective to prevent cabinet from being eroded by water.

By using edge banding from Germany REHAL, it’s more effective to prevent water vapor from penetrating the cabinet.

bathroom/water-proof-boards bathroom/waterproofing-door-hinge bathroom/aluminum-process

High density lacquer water-proof boards lead to better water-proof performance.

Waterproofing door hinge and screw hole fully reflect the excellent quality of bathroom cabinets in every detail.

Aluminum process improves the water and moisture resistant performance.


High quality of bounce valve core has successfully passed 100,000 times of fatigue testing without any fault.

Weather bar is used for left and right panel of basin ark, which effectively solve table top installation balance problem. Side panel uses non-glass gel weather bar to connect wall for avoiding water vapor into cabinet.


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