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OPPEIN Wardrobes are divided into Simple, Fashion, Classic, Classical and Distinguished Series. These series fully meet customers specialized needs. Standard and custom wardrobes from OPPEIN are around the concept ”flexible space” that centers on convenience, personalized experience, optimization function and flexible structure. By taking advantage of human engineering theory, it pays more attention to the reasonable relations between wardrobes and humans. Compared with others, OPPEIN integrated wardrobes workload can be reduced by 30%.

Every set of custom wardrobe sample is sent to National Legal Institution for testing and issued recognized Green Furniture Inspection Report.

Environment-friendly Product
Strictly to the European choice of E1 class standard, full automatic edge banding technique, OPPEIN Integrated Wardrobe is the first access to Ten Central Logo in its industry in China.

wardrobe, mirror wardrobe, glass drawer wardrobe, shelf

Five Major Partition Principles

Life principle: Based on the different occasions, it can be divided into Formal Attire Section, Business Wear Section, Sports Wear Section, Casual Shirts Section and Special Requirement Section according with different life trace to design partition layout and space structure.

Classification Principle: Based on the storage mode, it can be divided into Top Section, Bottoms Section, Accessories Section, Shoes Section and Bedding Clothing Section, according with storage usage to design space structure and partition layout.

Function Principle: Based on the intake, it can be divided into Hanging Section, Foldable Section, Functional Section, Display Section and Storage Section, according with taking in ways to design structure and layout of space, drawer and functional pieces.

Frequency Principle: Based on replacement frequency, it can be divided into out of season, in season and frequent replacement, designing three kinds of different partition layout and storage structure.

Object Principle: Based on the different objects, it can be categorized as per the age, height, gender, habits and personality, designing function structure, layout and style.

wardrobe, dust proof

Dust Proof

Brand new improved aluminum frame, is fitted with dust free wool tops. Professional installation ensures  effectiveness maximum of seal tightness between door leaves. Perfectly avoid the dust into the wardrobe.

wardrobe, dust-proof-1
wardrobe, damp-proof

Damp Proof

With advanced import equipments, durable sealing edge banding, and E1 class standard melamine boards, Wardrobe is stronger moisture proof and anti-deformation. It can guarantee to be used for a long time.

wardrobe, damp-proof-1
wardrobe, mute


Usage of damping and collision-protection strip makes sliding door smoother and compact, effectively avoiding friction and noise.

wardrobe, high-polymer-panel

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